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How do I cancel my membership?

Even though we never want to see you go, we understand that sometimes you might have to cancel your membership. We want you to come back and see us again, so here is where you need to go to cancel your membership. You can find your biller on the confirmation email you received when you joined. You will need to provide two of the following pieces of information to the biller: email address, username, order ID number, or credit card number. If you are unsure what you need, send us an email.

NOTE: We cannot cancel your membership for you. You must contact the biller directly to cancel your membership.

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Thank you for your membership!

My account is active but I cannot login.

There are a number of reasons your membership account might not work. You may be entering the security word incorrectly, or if multiple users have tried to login to your account, it may be temporarily locked. Click here to retrieve / reset your password..

I lost my username and/or password.

Click here provide us with your membership information and we'll send you your information.


Can I view the website on my smartphone?

We are currently working on a integrated and responsive mobile version. For now you can view the site via your mobile web browser just like any other website.

What do I need to view the website on the web?

For this site, you can see everything regardless of whether you are on a slower dial up connection or an ultra-fast Cable or DSL connection. The difference will be the time it takes to load and download photos and videos. We provide videos in multiple sizes, and you can choose what size is best for you.

What formats are videos in?

Videos are available in one main format MP4. This format will play on anything including mobile. All videos are available to stream online or download to your computer.

If you have problems viewing the videos, make sure you have the latest update of your media player.

How big are the videos?

Videos are available in HD 720p, High 480p, Medium 360p, and Low 240p.

How big are the photos?

When downloaded, photos are up to 2000 pixels wide on the long side. Depending on your screen resolution, monitor size, and browser, web display sizes may vary. Pictures are optimized to show at the highest quality and with the fasting viewing time for you!

What web browser should I use to view the site?

This site has been tested in the following web browsers:

Microsoft Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox

Make sure you have the current versions of your preferred web browser. Chances are it will make your viewing experience faster and will cut down on the possibility of any problems.

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